Built-in cabinetry is the perfect solution for solving the problems of a too-small space, an unusual architectural layout or obtrusive heating and cooling ductwork.



Wall Units and Built-In Cabinetry

Living Room Wall Unit

product image A small living room with a beautiful stone fireplace and arched doorways had even more personality added — and lots of storage space — with a full-length wall unit that holds books, a television, stereo equipment, a bench below the window and pull-out drawers for storing children's toys.

Walnut Computer Station

product image What was considered an awkward and unusable space off the kitchen of a large Tudor home became instead an answer to the problem of how to keep tabs on what the kids are doing on their computers. This walnut workstation also conceals the cords from all the computers and the vents for the heat.

Kitchen Booth

product image A kitchen so small the refrigerator was in the next room didn't seem like it could fit an eating area for a busy mom's four small children. The answer was a built-in booth that also incorporates the existing heating and electrical outlets.

Shoe Cubby

product image Old homes can be a real challenge when it comes to the space needs of today's homeowner. This handy "shoe cubby" near the back door is both highly functional and fits the architectural style of a vintage four-square home.