All types of custom cabinetry are used in office and commercial buildings



Commercial Installations

Law Office Conference Room and Work Station

law office conference room The conference room is often the first impression clients get when visiting their lawyer's office. The cherry display cabinet showcases artwork collected by the firm.
law office conference room law office desk and shelves This tall partners desk fills several needs for the attorneys: it allows them to work together with room to spread out their case files; it is adjacent to the custom matching shelving system which must be deeper to fit the files; and they prefer to stand up while working.

Armoire-Style Coat Closet

Armoire-Style Coat Closet A two story atrium in an upscale retirement community building has decorative cherry columns supporting the 10 foot ceiling on both sides of the atrium opening. Armoire-style coat closets were built and added on each side to match the columns, providing storage space for residents utilizing the surrounding meeting rooms and lounge area.
Armoire-Style Coat Closet The wood, stain and all molding details of the new armoires were perfectly matched and scaled to the existing columns, giving the appearance that they had been built there originally.