It's always a challenge to incorporate a television, particularly a large one, into a room. Entertainment centers, cabinetry with the TV on a lift, a large flat-screen TV on the wall behind doors or a media room are all options.


Above the Fireplace?

It's not unusual to see flat screen televisions placed above a fireplace on home shows and in interior design magazines. But keep in mind that when it comes to actual use, the wires have to go somewhere (a tough thing if it's a real chimney), and that the cable box and speakers need to be nearby as well. A cabinetmaker can build out from the chimney so that a space is created behind the television for the wires, possibly incorporating a new look for the fireplace mantel as well.




Entertainment Centers and Media Rooms

Mahogany Entertainment Center

Mahogany Entertainment Center In a room with 25 foot ceilings, this solid mahogany entertainment center is 10 1/2 feet tall and 10 feet wide, serving to hold the television and stereo while also fitting in as a beautiful piece of furniture. The client wanted a grand piece that wouldn't be dwarfed by the space it occupies.

Cherry Entertainment Center

Cherry Entertainment CenterCherry Entertainment Center
This cherry entertainment center holds a large screen television, stereo equipment (including a turntable at the top left corner with a hinged door to open from above).

There are drawers for CDs and DVDs, and space for LPs and speakers. It is custom built to fit in a small space between the window and a doorway, and includes venting to cool the electronic components.

The television is attached to an articulating arm so that it can be pulled out and tilted left or right for viewing from the adjacent dining room.

Cherry Entertainment Center

Cherry Entertainment CenterCherry Entertainment Center Open This cherry entertainment center with a natural finish is scribe-fit between the wall and the stone fireplace on the right.

The two columns on the sides have hidden hinges so that they can swing open. This enables the pocket doors to be opened and hidden behind the columns when they are re-closed. This creates a nice finished look even when the television is exposed.

Media Room

Media Room This small media room holds two rows of big, comfortable seats. The cabinetry below the screen holds a DVD collection, and is integrated into the wood paneling on the walls, which continues around the room and the fireplace.