Designing, building and installing
      custom cabinetry for over 60 years

Our standards are high — the details are here



Our Standards

• We use solid hardwoods for all doors and drawer fronts.

• We use only quality plywood with hardwood veneers for cabinet backs, sides and bottoms, for strength and durability. No particleboard. Anywhere. Ever.

• We use maple, a tight-grained hardwood, for our painted cabinetry, which gives a nice, smooth finish.

• We make our cabinets full-length when possible — not a series of "boxes" screwed together side by side. This makes the cabinet much more structurally sound, and gives it more of a furniture look since there are minimal joints or there are joints on the face only when absolutely necessary. It also means you can design any configuration you desire, making it much more functional, eliminating "dead" space and allowing for more room inside the cabinet.

• We make our cabinets face-frame whenever possible for stability and strength. Doors and drawers can be either full-overlay (only the doors are visible, not any part of the frame), partial-overlay or inset style.

• Our drawers have dovetailed 5/8" sides with 1/2" bottoms to ensure they stay square and can endure repeated use.

• All finished sides of our cabinetry are 3/4" thick to ensure stability. This eliminates the potential for "racking" which can cause doors and drawers to not close properly and hinges to become weakened.

• Our shelves are 3/4" thick, ensuring they will not sag even after years of use.

• Our full-extension drawer slides ensure the highest load capacity for ease of operation and durability.

• We use high-quality door hinges that best fit the variety of door and cabinet styles, i.e., overlay, partial overlay or inset.

• We use the most durable, moisture-proof finish — lacquer. It's a finish that can withstand years of use and abuse, with superior resistance to scratching, marring and staining.

• You'll be dealing directly with the owner and craftsman, no middlemen. Our personal reputation is on the line with every job we do — ensuring the best possible customer service.