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There are many benefits to using a custom cabinet maker rather than purchasing stock box cabinets — other than the obvious upgrade in quality



Why Custom?

You can't find what you want in the stores

You're not an "add water and stir" kind of person. You want that one-of-a-kind, individual look that fits your style and taste.

You value quality

Custom cabinetry made of 100% hardwoods looks more like furniture, lasts longer and stands up to the punishment we put our kitchens and bathrooms through. High quality wall units are the antidote to the "dorm room" look so often found with shelving units out of the box. And, you've had enough of drawers or doors not closing properly, the finish wearing off, wasted space and "dead" space caused by connecting a series of box cabinets, etc. You want better.

You want to increase the value of your home

Ask any realtor: upgraded kitchens and baths, built-ins, home offices and libraries all add value to your home.

You may not spend as much as you expected

Many consumers are surprised when buying stock cabinets when they find out it may cost them $2,000-3,000 to have them installed; there is also the cost of a contractor unless the consumer will act as their own contractor. Our quotes include the design, fabrication and installation, and we are a licensed contractor.

You have an old home or one with an unusual architectural layout

An old home may have a unique floor plan, uneven floors and walls, varying ceiling heights, etc. A custom cabinetmaker can scribe-fit your cabinetry to adjust for those imperfections (rather than adding fill strips to stock cabinets); an unusual layout can be remedied with custom design.

Your room needs more architectural details

It may be a small or large room; give it a makeover by adding some custom features.

You want your cabinetry to be tailored to the proportions of your room

With many homes built today having 9-10 foot ceilings and tall entryways, you may need a taller than average entertainment center or wall unit. If the room is small, you may need a sideboard in the dining room that is not as deep as a standard size. Whichever is the case, your cabinetry and furniture should be in proper proportion to your room.

You want to match existing furniture or cabinetry

Need a more efficient mudroom and want it to match the adjoining kitchen? Custom work will make it all fit, and tie the two rooms together.

You want to know your cabinet maker and work with him personally throughout the process

We come to your home to discuss your needs and preferred styles, take measurements, create a design you approve, build it and install it —you know we're going to measure correctly if we have to install it ourself!

You want to support a local business

We're here, we've been here for 60 years. Our customers support the local economy, with all cabinetry made in the USA!